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What benefits can Microdosing Truffles bring?

August 10, 2022

#3 What benefits can Microdosing Truffles bring?

Microdosing Truffles can bring different and diverse benefits. The base is that it helps you to get out of your head and into your heart. In other words: it brings you closer to yourself. The experience is different for everyone. In my video I talk about what it might bring.
In the head is duality, in the heart you find the truth.

The voice in your head

I often say; ‘In the head is the duality, in the heart you will find the truth’. The head sees duality and therefore you often experience doubt, fear or other obstacles that stand in the way of being yourself. The head can take you far away from yourself and make you live in total fear. This can be so intense that people even get depressed, burn out because they cannot feel their limits anymore or experience other health problems.

Coming home to your heart

The Truffles bring you in connection with your heart. In your heart you will find peace, security, strength and creativity. Therefore, microdosing helps many people to act on their heart desires, but also to finally open their heart to love or to speak the words that you have been holding on to for so long.

Taking life more lightly

By being in your heart, you can take life more lightly. You probably know the saying: “A man suffers most from the suffering he fears. There is no point in worrying. That brings no solution. The Truffles can help you to actually experience this. People experience less Triggers and experience a gradual healing.

Focus: Get things done

A common reason why people start microdosing is to get things done. The Microdosing Truffles give guidance. It is as if you hear an inner voice of the spirit of the truffles that helps you to get all the “nonsense” and “distractions” out of the way and to have a masterful focus during your work.

Inner conversation

Often you experience an inner conversation with the Truffles spirit. This makes it very clear what is good for you and what is not. This helps you to make the right choices. This is among others what I mean with “You receive guidance”. Because the Truffles bring you in connection with your heart & soul, you clearly feel what the right choices are for you. It brings you closer to yourself.

In connection

I see a lot of people microdosing and spending more time in nature, because the truffles bring you more in connection with your nature. Many people take better care of their health and themselves. Several people also tell me that their relationships have improved because they are able to open their hearts more to love.

Influence of your Intention

You can influence the result of Microdosing Truffles by setting your intention. Every time you take your Microdosing Truffles, set your intention. In my video series that you will receive after your purchase, I will help you set your intention and how you do this.

Gradual healing

Microdosing Truffles is meant for gradual healing where you get what you need. Below a list of benefits that have been experienced by other users:
• Getting closer to yourself
• Coming home to yourself
• More creativity
• Better focus
• Feeling better grounded
• More self-confidence
• Getting things done
• Productivity
• Guiding the plant spirits
• Stronger inner voice of the heart
• The voice of the ego recedes into the background
• You take life more lightly
• Less easily distracted
• Can help with depression
• Feeling better in your own skin
• Taking life more lightly
• Feeling more carefree
• Better able to enjoy yourself
• Taking the edge off
• More patience
• Regaining joy in life
• The hustle and bustle around you disappear
• Stop the grinding in your head
• Come into balance
• Feeling better emotionally and physically
• Being better in your energy
• Getting inspiration
• Productivity
• De-stress
• Helps to stay true to yourself in a busy environment
• Helps with high sensitivity
• Has an earthy, practical spirit
And way more. You get what you need, so trust the process

Effect of the Truffles

As you already know, everyone has their own personal experience when Microdosing Truffles. In my next video I will tell something about the effect you will experience when taking the Microdosing Truffles.

Learn more about Microdosing Truffles or order Microdosing Truffles

If you like this blog and you want to know more about Microdosing Truffles, please visit our page about Microdosing Truffles. Here you can find information like what it is, where it can help. With plant medicines, it works so that you get what you need. The plants have a spirit that possesses incredible wisdom. Microdosing Truffles are generally about being more connected to yourself, focus, concentration, inner peace, reflection and healing. In short, Microdosing Truffles gives balance.

Microdosing Truffles Challenge

We have a super cool online Microdosing Truffles Challenge where we offer online guidance. This gives a huge added value to your process. Does this appeal to you? Then take a look at the page about the Microdosing Truffles Challenge.

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