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Self-love Challenge: Day 6: Gratitude

July 31, 2020


Write down what you are grateful for. Sometimes it is difficult to see this when, for example, you are in a negative spiral in your life … In the video I give inspiration to help you remember what you can be grateful for in your life. I wrote this out below.

Inspiration gratitude:

Healthy body, having your body, your voice, your senses, your family, your youth, this human experience, the language / languages ​​you speak, the country where you live, your home, everything you have, whether it’s a lot is or little, your car, bike, scooter, public transport, the possibility to travel …

The job you have, that you can earn your own income, or your benefit, a beautiful experience during this week, the sun that shines, that today starts a new day, for your inner strength, for the people around you, which people in particular, for your relationship (s), your parents, brothers and / or sisters, your life partner, or that you are single, for your children, cousins, nieces, for the freedom you have, that you have a choice. ..

Grateful for this day, intentions of this day, the possibilities that life gives you, grateful for who you are, for watching this video, choosing yourself, inspiration, for the internet, a certain book, people who are on you path have come, taking time for yourself.

Grateful that you can enter into a relationship, that you can be there for someone else, for the clothes you wear, the personal care that you give yourself, that you are engaged in consciousness, that you take responsibility for your life, that everything temporarily is … and much more. Consider what you are grateful for. Write it down .. Good luck!

What about your Internet Diet?

On day 2 we talked about ‘Choosing for Yourself’. On that page I gave you tips for your personal internet diet. I have had many reactions that day from people who have taken the diet directly. Very nice! Even people who have deleted their entire Facebook profile, e-mail from the phone, notifications from, etc. And most importantly … They have let me know to experience more peace of mind.

I wonder how it goes with this? Are you able to slim down your internet use? What do you get in its place? Do you already experience more peace? Maybe you can go a step further today? Below the tips for less internet use.

  • Turn off your notifications on your whatsapp
  • Turn off your notifications on your smart phone
  • Erase frequently used applications from telephone that are disruptive
  • Erase your Facebook application from your mobile
  • Stop your phone more often
  • Erase your work email from your mobile
  • Maybe you can also delete private e-mail from your mobile?
  • Take a block in the morning until 11 o’clock in which you do not take a telephone
  • Switch off your Wi-Fi from 19.00 in the evening and focus on yourself and perhaps your partner, children, family.
  • Work in blocks and decide when you turn your internet on and off
  • Live an entire day without internet. Just experience it. What is different about such a day?

Guided Visual Meditation: ‘Activate your Self Love’

Especially for this ‘Self Love Challenge’ I have created a guided meditation for you. This helps you to focus on your inner world. When you are at peace and in balance with yourself from within, you will also experience this in the World around you.

Make your inner world your first priority. You can do this meditation every day for the next 7 days to strengthen your self-love. Choose a nice, quiet place where you can sit or lie down. Both are allowed. As a starter maybe you prefer to just lie down, put on your headphone and be guided by my voice. All you have to do is just relax and listen to my words. Some people fall a sleep and that also just fine. The point is that you take time for yourself and you will go inside to activate your self-love.

Enjoy it! Love, Maria Johanna

Guided Visual Meditation: ‘Activate your Self Love’ (with Music & Voice)


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